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5 Reasons You Should Switch To HANX Condoms

Be safe, sustainable and sexy with these gynae-approved Condoms.

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1) We’re au natural, baby

Our Condoms are designed to be as gentle and as natural as possible (trust us, our Co-Founder is a gynae). No harsh, unnecessary chemicals, no weird flavourings and we never test on animals. We’re even officially vegan certified, unlike most.

HANX condoms are verified by the CE mark and undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum safety.

2) They’re compostable (!)

Not-so-fun fact: most mainstream brands use weird chemicals which mean their condoms take decades to disappear. We use 100% Fair Rubber Latex so you can pop our Condoms straight into your household waste… and they’ll begin biodegrading within just a few months. Even Mother Earth deserves a happy ending.

3) We’re taking on the johnny big boys

Hi, we’re Farah and Sarah and we jacked in our jobs in finance and gynaecology to start the natural condom revolution. We believe it’s time the world stopped being weird about our sex lives, and that starts with unapologetic sexual and intimate health for all. Reckon everyone could do with more sex-positive, no-blushes contraception conversation? Welcome to the club.

4) Our Condoms are ultra-thin for all the feels

Our condoms are about 0.05500000mm thick - that’s roughly the width of one lonely, little pube. Plus, they feel great. Trustpilot reviewers say our Condoms feel ‘like skin on skin’ and ‘are the best so far’.

5) Delivery is easy and discreet

We ship your sexual wellness essentials in plain, unbranded outer packaging. As for what’s inside? No more macho condom packaging that’s straight out of a 80s porno. The Guardian says we sit beautifully alongside your Charlotte Tilbury and Glossier faves - plus, shipping is free when you spend over £30.

"If you ever suffer from UTI's after sex, you'll want to try HANX condoms."

"This discreet and luxuriously packaged subscription box comes straight to your door to save you the embarrassment of buying condoms in store."

“Our personal health and the health of the planet are more closely intertwined than you think. HANX sells biodegradable vegan condoms made from fair rubber and paraben-free ingredients."

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