Big News: We're Named in Men's Health The 10 Best Thin Condoms For Couples!

Your sex life deserves better.

The boys club, wink-wink-nudge-nudge, mystery ingredient-filled condoms on pharmacy shelves just don’t do it for everyone - so we’ve decided to take on the industry ourselves.

Why the world needs HANX

Bin the blushes

Our sex-positive, anti-awkward approach to the contraception conversation makes it easier to keep yourself and your partners safe.

Condoms without the ick

Mainstream brands use numbing gels, sticky flavourings and novelty tingling sensations that are a yeast infection waiting to happen. We don’t.

Better sex for all

We’re not in this to become condom millionaires. We want to change the world, and champion unapologetic sexual and intimate health for everyone.

A gynaecology doctor and an investment banker walk into a bar…

We're BFFs Farah Kabir and Dr Sarah Welsh and we created HANX way back in 2017. During a chat about our frustrating experience in the condom and lube aisle, we realised what was on shelves fell short (to be honest, we were embarrassed to be seen buying them). Think garish, stereotypically ‘masculine’, penis-centric messaging and gross chemicals that shouldn't be anywhere near a vagina.

Long story short: we quit our jobs and put our life savings into creating the sex-positive, sustainable, good lookin’ and gynae-backed sexual wellness products you know and really, really love. We’re determined to challenge the status quo and misconceptions about vaginas, penises and all their wild, weird and wonderful quirks.

We're not just just about condoms and pessaries. Together with our small but growing team, we've got big plans to be there for you from your first time to your first child and beyond...

Forget Poundius Maximus. This is hanky panky,
HANX style.

It's always better in pairs.

We're proud to support the work of pioneering people and organisations who champion inclusive sex education, tackle gynaecological cancer and beyond.

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